This build is from one of our regular forum members. I wanted to share it here for all to see. The original design is © Copywritten by Baz. So you will need to get Baz’s permission to copy it. Images are hosted on another website.

The design drawn onto the piece of wood (there’s an extra piece at the top cause we couldn’t fit it onto a piece of wood big enough for only a telecaster, not a stratocaster… we cut out a bit of the actual body, so, instead of there being a tiny bit of maple at the top, there’s Alder there, so, it’s technically a one piece body… just in three bits…)

routing out the neck pockets and pickup holes, bridge and the control cavity (you can see where we cut off a piece of alder to use for the horns, instead of that block of maple)

cutting out the body (we got stuck with the band saw as it was small and couldn’t fit the body how we needed it to go, but with a bit of ingenuity and copying a mirror of the design onto the back of the wood, we were able to cut it out nicely :) )

after sanding the body all down to shape and smoothing it off ready to be painted (I did alot of mock fittings with everything… I was just too excited and needed a glimpse nearly every day of how it’d look when it’s done, lol)

designing the headstock was a challenge as it was about the only thing I couldn’t do… and I must add that my headstock design is not my creation as such, but cause we couldn’t make a headstock work, we found a picture of one that’s similar to the one we made, cause that’s what we modeled it on, but the one we modeled it on had more of a shark fin look to it than a flame, which was what we were going for… James Heitfield from Metallica actually has a guitar with the kind of headstock i’m talking about (a brownish one that looks like a Gibson Destroyer) but I didn’t know that till I went looking for some of their live performances so I knew what to expect when I go and see them later this year in November for their World Magnetic tour (tickets arrived in the mail today actually, lol) but yeah, this is what we came up with and just tested to see how it’d look

truss rod in

body primed

basic neck shape cut out and sanded

rough cut piece of ebony for the fretboard

the maple inlay before and after being sanded to shape

inlay in the fretboard, fretboard glued onto the neck and cut to shape ready for the fretboard radius to be sanded (fun fact! the inlay has been designed so that where the long line and short line begin, end and cross over, is sitting right where the usual dot markers would be if you had used dots, i.e. frets 3, 5, 7, 9 and 12, pretty kool huh?)

more mocking up

shaping the headstock and neck

cutting the gold fretwire to size and arranging them so I know which one was meant for where on the fretboard, lol

after pressing the wire in using a tool made for a drill press then filing the wire to rid of sharp edges and such

side dot markers

my favourite mockup… so shiny!

first coat of paint for the body

designing the scratch plate and cutting it out

coating the neck in clear (he forgot I wanted a straight white guitar and thought I wanted to keep the neck natural coloured, lol)

switches in the scratch plate

gutting my Brian May signature so we can copy the wiring of the switches and knobs to match for my guitar

wiring it all up

scrtach plate done!

neck painted!

after spending about an hour trying to find a case to fit the guitar (the body’s slightly longer than a strat style bass) I went for the customizable one with all the removable bits and pieces, lol, had to take the guitar in bits over to the store to find a case to fit it to save going back and forth, was only a 30 second walk down the road, the guitar got a bit of attention too, lol

final assembly time now – scratch plate – on!

jack plate – check!

pickups – in!

bridge – lined up and measured perfectly!

polishing up the neck and frets

tuners? – in! with just enough room to fit :P

neck – Bolted!
the finishing touches

and after a month and a half of working on the guitar from start to finish, it goes from this crappy MS paint sketch

to this much better looking finished guitar!

and it’s taken it’s place on my bedroom wall… as you can tell, it’s actually quite a bit bigger than my other guitars, it feels a lot bigger too, lol, but I’ve gotten used to the size and it fits pretty comfy, we actually mis-measured the width of the neck as well, we thought we measure 43mm at the nut, but instead it turned out to be 45mm at the nut, so, we had to custom make a nut too, so the strings spacing is slightly wider… which I find much more comfortable, surprisingly, lol, but it all worked out in the end and I’m very happy ;D

I hope that wasn’t too many photos… lol, I just wanted to show you guys the processes that went into building my guitar as well as so you can see the separate processes that go into building pretty much any guitar, even though you probably all know how it works, but eh, seeing how something is built is almost just as exciting as owning the end result, lol

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